Press Equipment

Presses allow you to form metal into the desired shape. They can be used in countless ways and are an important part of a fabrication shop. We offer a variety of press equipment to fit your needs. If nothing fits the bill, we create custom designs to keep your shop running smoothly.

Are you in need of just parts or repair?

We have complete mechanical pull back systems for full revolution punch presses, plus complete parts inventory for repair and replacement of damaged or missing components on pullback systems. Press Line Industries can repair or rebuild any press or any type of fabricating equipment including tube benders, press brakes, and shears. We also offer complete diagnostics for your machine non-production issues when they arise.

We don’t just sell equipment.

Once your equipment is ready, we install and train on the use of your new equipment.

We have the connections.

If for some reason we don’t carry what you need, we know where to find it. We can direct you to the right place, whether that’s in the local area or anywhere in the US.

Products & Equipment

Coil Handling Equipment

Coil handling equipment includes vehicles that quickly move large coils in and out of storage while preventing damage to the load. Efficiency and protection of the load and surrounding space are important aspects to the equipment. We service many manufacturer's coil handling equipment and supply new equipment for all your coil lifting needs.

Press Brakes

A press brake is a machine tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. Press brakes can be used for many different forming jobs with the right die design including V-dies, rotary bending dies, 90 degree dies, curling dies and many more. We service many manufacturer's press brake systems and supply new equipment for all your press brake needs on the machining floor.

Press Controls

Press controls are electronic systems used for safety and automation for the metal stamping and metal forming industrial applications. Types include punch press clutch and brake controls, tonnage monitors, time-based brake monitors, and more. Many have capabilities for custom programming and remote field upgrading. We service many manufacturer's press control systems and supply new equipment for all your press control needs on the machining floor.

Punch Presses

A punch press is a type of machine press used to cut holes in metal, plastic, composite or other materials. It can be small and manually operated and hold one simple die set, or be very large, computer numeric controlled (CNC) operated for precision cuts, grinds and punches, with a multi-station turret and hold a much larger and complex die set. We service many manufacturer's punch press systems and supply new equipment for all your punch press needs on the machining floor.

Servo Feeds

Servo-driven roll feeds involves the use of a closed-loop positioning drive, usually a servomotor, to control the index position of the feed rolls. A servo-powered unit begins its motion in response to a signal from the press. We service many manufacturer's servo-driven feed systems and supply new equipment for all your feed needs on the manufacturing floor.


Sheet metal and plate shearing machines are used in many fabricating and sheet metal operations. In selecting a shearing machine, several factors must be evaluated including the type of shear, required capacity, productivity enhancement options, and safety. We service many manufacturer's shear systems and supply new equipment for all your shear needs on the manufacturing floor.


Straightening equipment falls into two categories: straighteners and precision levelers. Straighteners, or flatteners, are used more in the stamping process. Precision levelers, like straighteners, remove coil set but also can remove other material imperfections, such as camber, wavy edges, center buckles, and trapped stresses. We service many manufacturer's straightening systems and supply new equipment for all your straightener needs on the manufacturing floor.

Tonnage Monitors

Tonnage Monitors are used to know the total tonnage and distribution to the press. It is important because a balanced load is preferred to ensure smooth press and die operation. By eliminating an unbalanced load, your press and die will run better and maintenance will be reduced. We service many manufacturer's tonnage monitoring systems and supply new equipment for all your tonnage monitor needs on the manufacturing floor.

Tube Bending

The tube bending tool and process is important in achieving the perfect bend. Tube bending may be considered an art but with the proper tool the desired results can be achieved consistently. We can help with the selection and maintenance of your tube bending needs on the manufacturing floor.


At the head of the line, unwinders are not the biggest expense on the floor but can start the whole process off in quality and productivity. The right unwinder can make the loading easier and faster, protect the materials used, and help with space of the material prior to uncoiling. We service many manufacturer's unwinder systems and supply new equipment for all your unwinder needs on the manufacturing floor.

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