Machining Lubricants and Oils

Lubricants and oils are necessary for metal machining. They minimize friction which in turn will reduce the heat produced in metal machining. They also prevent unnecessary wear to your equipment and products. This reduces costs in maintenance and speeds up your production.

There are many types of oils including straight oils, specialty oils, synthetic lubricants, vanishing oils and water-soluble oils:

Straight Metal Cutting Oils

These oils are non-emulsifiable and are used in an undiluted form. They often contain polar lubricants like vegetable oils, fats, and esters.

Synthetic Metal Cutting Fluids

These oils are alkaline organic and have inorganic compounds alongside additives that prevent corrosion. These have the best cooling performance.

Soluble Metal Cutting Oils

These oils work best after mixing them with water. They are the least expensive and are most widely used in the industry.

Semi-Synthetic Metal Cutting Fluids

These fluids are a combination of soluble oils and synthetic fluids.

Many oils and lubricants are used on the machining and assembly floor. We service many manufacturer's metal fabrication systems and supply new equipment for all your metal fabrication needs.

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