Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light curtains, also known as presence detection devices, optoelectronic devices that are used to safeguard personnel in the vicinity of moving machinery with the potential to cause harm such as presses and winders. Used as an alternative to mechanical barriers or other machine guarding. Safety is the primary concern.

There are two varieties of safety light curtains. Although they vary in size and scale, they both work in the same manner to provide safety for the worker.

Point of Operation Control (POC)

These are designed to protect on a small scale. Specifically, they protect hands, fingers, and arms. These light curtains are positioned very close to the machine directly where the worker will be interacting with it.

Perimeter Access Control (PAC)

These light curtains protect on a much larger scale and are designed to provide full body protection. They create a fence around the machines that don’t require close contact by workers. They are designed to detect people when they intrude into the light barrier.

There are also six main models of safety light curtains:

  • SuperLight VI Programmable Safety Light Curtain
  • Model SS (Solid State Safety Outputs)
  • Model MG (Metal Box Controller)
  • Model DR (Multiple Function DIN-Rail Controller)
  • Model CE (Designed for Global Marketplace)
  • Model CA (Multiple Plane Guarding - Cascading)
  • Model PPG (Designed for Perimeter Guarding Applications with Latching Relays)

We service many manufacturer's light curtain systems and supply new equipment for all your light curtain needs on the assembly floor. OSHA has a full list of regulations that need to be complied with when it comes to selecting the appropriate light curtain. Please visit their website for more information to ensure you select the appropriate light curtain for your needs.

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